Sobre TEKA

Equipos de aspiración y filtración de TEKA GmbH


TEKA is one of the leading companies worldwide that produces and sells extraction and filter systems. The company, founded in 1995, focuses on economy, innovation and high quality. The extraction and filter systems are mainly used in the field of thermal processing of metals, i.e. in many different welding processes (MIG, MAG, cored wire welding, TIG, plasma welding), grinding, cutting, laser processing or even soldering (for the home or in workshops ).

Clean, clean air at work is something that the employer must guarantee to his employees. In Germany, compliance with AGW (workplace limit values) is demanded by the professional association - in other countries there are comparable organizations. The possible uses of TEKA systems are mainly in metal processing, as well as in the electrical and printing industries and in medical and dental technology.

Our extraction systems clean the air in halls, workshops, offices and laboratories. Our extraction and filter systems thus promote the health of the workforce, which in turn contributes to the production success of the companies.